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Sponsor a solar powered borehole




Sponsor a well for a community in need of water for £5683.85

Your donation will provide a solar-powered borehole to a community, ensuring clean drinking water is available to families who live there. Most times, a borehole is shared by more than one community, which means your donation impacts even more lives. Each borehole we build with your donation ensures families in the beneficiary community will not have to walk several miles daily to access water.

Your donation will have a secondary impact on helping children, especially girls get an education. In communities where water is very scarce, girls spend most of their productive time fetching instead of staying in school.

What you will get for your donation

  • A plaque with your name or business name. Alternatively, you may like the plaque to be dedicated to the memory of a loved one.
  • Where the community has a literate elder, you may receive a letter of thanks from the village elder/elders.


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