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Today is Giving Tuesday! So when you buy one of these awesome organic Tees, we will give you a tree!!!  That is right, we will plan a tree, with every purchase. This offer is available till 5th of December. So hurry, go to Hope Spring Tees and order your t-shirt now!

Enjoy your christmas holiday by shopping from Hope Spring tees. Hope Spring tees are made up of stylish and comfortable  t shirt for men, women and children. It is manufactured in England , in a renewable energy powered facility from quality and extra soft 100% organic cotton for comfort.

It is environment friendly, it is designed to last and not to pollute the environment. There is a cash back policy After the t-shirt is worn out, instead of throwing the tee away after it’s end of life, you can bring it back for a tee cash back. With this you’re reducing your carbon footprint  and kind to the environment

When you shop with Hope Spring tees, you have the ability to design your own tee. If you are not satisfied with the designs available, you can design and customise your tee with your favorite pets or pictures with no additional cost.

Hope Spring tees is a not for profit, 100% of t shirt proceeds goes to charity, and go towards implementing clean water and sanitation projects in Africa. Hope spring tees is ethical, Putting into consideration people and the planet.

Thinking of a special gift for your neighbour, friends and families this christmas holiday, gift them with a Hope Spring tee and a tree, this will not only show you’re ethical, but they’ll also cherish the impactful gift.

Get one now!