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“Mothers are the sweetest and most beautiful souls of all. She knows more of paradise than angels can recall. She has the everlasting feathers of a dove. She’s not only beautiful but passionately young, playful as a kid, yet wise as one who has lived long. Her love is like the rush of life, a bubbling, laughing spring that runs through all like liquid light and makes the mountain sing”

Are you looking for a nice gift to buy your mother, as a mother’s day gift? Why not achieve two positive outcomes with one action? Buy a gift for your mother, whilst contributing to a charity. Here are some gifts you can buy from a charity, and your mother will like it as a present on Mother’s Day:

1. Donate water to a less privileged children and women in Africa Communities

Hope Spring water charity works with communities in Africa to help women and children have access to clean water in many less privileged communities in Africa. As well as preventing issues of rape and danger that comes with women and children fetching water in far away bushes. This mother’s day, you can join in their efforts by making a donation in your mum’s name. Donation enables access to clean and safe water in less privileged communities in Africa..

2. Donate a village Well on your Mother’s name
Water and poverty are inextricably linked, you can make your mother proud by donating a well on her name from Hope Spring water charity shop. Making her proud contributor in reducing water poverty.

3. Order a colourful organic, long lasting Tee for your mum
Order and gift a colourful, organic and long lasting tees that evokes a sense of love and confidence in your mother. Hope Spring Tees are carefully and thoughtfully designed for comfort. Carefully manufactured, with extra soft organic cotton. We use a production process that is optimised to care about people and the planet. All proceeds from Hope Spring T-shirts go towards implementing clean water projects in Africa.

4. Send an ecard and write her an Awe-inspiring beautiful things you adore about her
Send her a Hope Spring ecard and write beautiful things that your mother might never have thought about herself. Make her feel how much you love and appreciate her this year’s Mother’s day celebration.

5. Donate a hand pump to provide clean, save water to women and children
Write your mother’s name in gold, by donating a hand pump on behalf of your mother to provide clean and save water for women and children.

6. Help vulnerable children and women in honour of Mum
With the Save the Children charity, donations go towards purchasing emergency essentials for newborn babies. The kit includes diapers, soap, towel, socks, hat, newborn clothes, and a blanket to help babies born in difficult situations.

7. Plant a tree on your mum’s name
Another interesting way to celebrate your mother on this year’s mother’s day ? plant a tree on her name.
Pick a random name of an orphan and pay his/her school fees

8. Help a child to stay in school. Donate to celebrate your mother by empowering children and women through education by paying their tuition fees and learning materials and other expenses.

9. Buy her an adorable organic necklace or bracelet
Buying her an adorable organic necklace or bracelet is a beautiful way to show her how you adore her.

10. Toast to a better world with a gift of wine
You can buy quality wine and a set of gifts to celebrate with your mother, this year’s mother’s day. Make it a special one by listening to her and catching up with old memories you shared.